Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Elvis is Everywhere, Even My Computer

Sure, kids do it all the time, and have for years. I mean downloading songs to their computers or iPods, free or purchased. But I’m not a kid. My attitude about keeping up with electronic gizmos and computer whatnots: who cares? Is someone keeping score as to whether you introduce yourself to a technology in 2001 or 2006? Do you get lifetime bonus points for being an early adopter? The only thing you really have to keep up with is the bills, kids.

Anyway, this week I downloaded a song and it stuck to the silicon guts of my computer for the first time, a minor personal milestone. Which song did I choose? “Elvis is Everywhere” by Mojo Nixon, from the iTunes store. Man, is that a fun song. The lyrics don’t begin to do it justice. Download it yourself.

Not that I actually paid for it, though it’s very much worth 99¢. I finally redeemed a premium offer of free songs from a box of Lucky Charms. In fact, when we redeemed for one song, we got some more songs as a bonus, no extra charge. So Yuriko investigated the Japanese selection, and found a couple she wanted, while Lilly got one by “Hannah Montana,” a TV-based confection for her demographic. I got one more myself, and true to my demographic, it was something more than a quarter-century old that I hadn’t heard in 15 years at least: “Popmuzik,” by M. Absurd doesn’t begin to describe it.

Singing in the subway
Shuffle with a shoeshine
Fix me a Molotov
I'm on the headline
Wanna be a gun slinger, don't be a rock singer
Eenie meenie mynie moe, which way you wanna go?
Talk about popmuzik
Talk about popmuzik


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