Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Meanwhile, Back at the Bunkhouse

Wasted a little time today looking at who’s reading BTST Vol. 2, and I was glad to see someone from Taiwan had spend a fair amount of time reading my entries on Banff and Jasper. He or she had apparently done a search of blogs for those two terms, and was directed to me. Maybe it was a matter of trip planning, so there’s a Taiwanese tourist out in Jasper right now buying a pastry at the Bear Claw bakery on the strength of my recommendation. Hope so.

Meanwhile, back at the bunkhouse, I make phone calls, do interviews, write articles, read other people’s articles, send and receive e-mail. A 21st-century-type desk job, including a lot of spam, of course, like everyone else who has a computer. I’m sorry to see that spam subject lines are now often snippets of real news stories, instead of dada strings of words. Most days I prefer dada to news. Can’t wait to dump my current e-mail address and see how long it takes for the barnacles of spam to attach themselves to the new one.

“Meanwhile, back at the bunkhouse,” was a catchphrase among my friends in high school in the spring of 1976. For some reason, it made us laugh. I can’t remotely remember why after 30 years. Haven’t thought about it in years, and then today I did, like you might find a shell or rock or some other souvenir that you only vaguely remember collecting. Still, you know it’s yours, and it reminds you of another time and place.

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At 12:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You never know when a private catch phrase will take on a life of its own. Bugs Bunny's signature line, "What's up, Doc?" was reportedly a catch phrase from Texas Avery's days at North Dallas High in the 1920s. He and most (if not all) of his classmates are gone, but the phrase will live as long as Bugs does. ANK


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