Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Summer Wrap

I have a lot of paying articles to write before the end of the month, and I also need to spend time sitting on my deck occasionally while it’s still summer. So I’m doing to give this thing a rest until right after Labor Day—that’s around September 5 for any non-Americans who stumble onto the site. Why we don’t celebrate Labor Day on May 1, I don’t know exactly—it was invented in Chicago, after all—but it’s good to have a holiday early in September anyway.

Then again, we don’t have to celebrate May Day any more than we have to use the metric system or like pro soccer just because other people do. It’s called cultural diversity.

Then there’s the matter of our transition to cable ISP and phone. Indications are that it will go well on Thursday, but on the other hand it involves technical matters that I don’t really understand, so I have a vague dread that I will be cut off from the Internet and e-mail for longer than I’d like to be—gasp, back to 1996! Actually, it would be a bigger crisis with each passing day, since I can’t make my living without them. So I have my fingers crossed.


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