Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gnarly Alderman

Busy day. Went downtown for a ground breaking, first one I've attended in a while, and the first one I've ever attended that featured preschoolers in small hardhats shoveling sand with little plastic shovels. The new building will be anchored by a graduate school specializing in early childhood development, so it was appropriate, and not just a stunt like hiring midgets for your wedding.

It was cold but not too cold, but still most of the event was in the restaurant NaHa (Naha? NaHA? You never know with these trendy fusion places) across the street. Maggie Daley, wife of Mayor Daley, gave a little speech about the institution, as did the Speaker of the Illinois House, a Springfield fixture named Mike Madigan. This was the first time I'd ever seen either of these two politicos in person, and they looked as polished and pressed as you'd expect. The alderman of the ward, Burt Natarus, who has been an alderman since Hector was a pup, also showed up. His face was refreshingly gnarly.


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