Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Summertime, and the Living is Busy

Time for summer break around here. Back to posting in about two weeks -- August 7 or 8. Much to do until then, both work and play. Summer recommendations until then:

Hairspray. A major delight. That coming from someone who isn't completely taken with movie musicals. I took the girls, at Lilly's request, to see it on its opening day last Friday. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie on opening day. I didn't even do that as a teenager, though of course opening days were localized in those days. For example, Star Wars opened in San Antonio on July 1, 1977, some weeks after it had in larger cities (I went with friends to see it on July 2, and waited in a fairly long line).

Cicadas. They've finally come in some numbers to my part of the world. When I hear them, I like summer even more. They make the sound of high, hot summer. Summers of yore. That's a strong association to get from a noisy insect.

This video, Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show, made for YouTube some months ago. Especially entertaining to those of us with significant exposure to Japanese TV. It must be fun for other people, too, what with about 1.6 million views.

All these suggestions are noisy. For something quiet, read "The Quietest Place in the World," an article by my friend Ed. The complete text is here. As a travel writer, Ed's at the top of his game. I'd like to recommend longer reading material, but among the handful of books I've pursued recently in the few moments I have time to read them, nothing stands out. For now, high-quality short articles, such as anything on Ed's web site, will do.

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