Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Verbatim, Amazingly

This is a verbatim grab from a comment column of an on-line journal, found by chance. It's 100 percent sic, except for deleting one word. What's so hard about writing that so many people can't really do it? It's a mystery to me.

Ok so let me start by saying that i dont own an Ipod and that want one. look all of you are being rediculous on this site seriously firstly those of u trying to defend the "pressious " ipoods stop cuz your making people look stupid. Some of you bastards do need to trn the s--- doen O its annoying and stupid and yess it does cause accidents when your not paying attention. I wont lie listening to an MP3 player i almost got hurt. t'was my fault but yeah. Those of you who hate Ipods. Firstly i must say how the hell were u born without some type or creativity...restricting people to listening to ipods thats dumb and cannot be enforced 1.) they are to easy to hide and 2.0ther are 2 many on the street. secondly the ipods arrent the onli thing to blame for your carr troubles..firstly sir if u were waitng for yor green and then he decided to cross..surely he had the right awy I mean considering your obvioulsy going in a diffrent direction than him...and he may have thought that u were waitng for your light for going staright...not turing or w/e. Idc bout what happes just justify yourself properly with good clear evidnece....



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