Thursday, October 11, 2007

Goin' to the Chapel

Straight back perpendicular to the ocean in Seaside is a pedestrian street lined with more retail, and further back still is the Seaside Interfaith Chapel. This structure won a 2004 Honor Award from the American Institute of Architecture. According to the AIA, "The Chapel has transformed the town of Seaside from an experiment of New Urbanism into an amalgamated community, becoming the physical focal point of the town and providing Seaside with a strong sense of place and coherence, as well as an icon of spiritual unity bonding the greater community."

Well, maybe. As for me, it offered a lovely quiet place with air conditioning. I sat in one of the pews a while, and contemplated the whiteness of it all, except for the wood up front.

Below is the exterior. I like that bell tower.


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