Monday, October 15, 2007

Room 8

I had about three or four waking hours in Apalachicola, Florida, earlier this month, and it wasn't nearly enough. But they were high-quality hours, so I can't say I left town unhappy. In the first place, we stayed at the Coombs Inn (aka the Coombs House), and I had the splendid Room 8 all to myself. That by itself was worth coming to town for. I didn't take pictures, but the Coombs House has a web site with photos, including Room 8 -- the former master bedroom.

Wow. Such elegant appointments made me, a creature of the informal classes, feel a little out place. But that passes quickly. The room and its decor had only one flaw, I thought, one feature that didn't fit (not visible in the photo): an HDTV. I didn't touch it. It wouldn't have been right, and might have even bothered the shade of Mr. Coombs, in whose bedroom I was staying.



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