Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shine On, Hunter's Moon

We missed the actual Hunter's Moon here in northeastern Illinois -- Friday was cloudy. Saturday was clear, with just a chip off the Hunter's Moon, and even a day late it shone brightly. Last month, on the occasion of the Harvest Moon, I don't recall thinking about it, though I do like the idea of named full moons. I'm not really sure the names you find in various almanacs and on-line lists really derive from Indian names, Algonquin or not, or whether they're later creations, but I still like the idea.

I find that "Hunter's Moon" is a composition by one Gilbert Vinter, a British brass band composer. But the Harvest Moon has most of the glory in song.

Among many others, Laurel & Hardy had their version. As did Nat Cole. More recently, Leon Redbone sang it. I'd pay money to see Leon Redbone, but unfortunately his next appearance in Illinois will be late next March, when I'll be in Michigan.


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