Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Il Greenbriar Mall di Atlanta tenta di rivivere i giorni di gloria

I like this. Somewhere out there, probably in Italy, is my Italian translator. Of course, he or she probably doesn't recall translating my article, which I wrote about a year ago, but it was translated, so someone did it -- probably as one of a stack of articles, paid as piecework.

This is the lead sentence that I wrote for the article: "When it comes time to fix up 1960s-era malls, often enough it means they get pulled down, but that isn’t happening to Greenbriar Mall, one of Atlanta’s oldest enclosed centers."

This is the same lead, in Italian: "Quando arriva il momento di risistemare i centri commerciali degli anni ’60, piuttosto spesso ciò significa demolirli, ma non è quello che accadrà al Greenbriar Mall, uno dei più vecchi complessi al chiuso di Atlanta."

I wouldn't give up my affinity for English for anything, but it would be great to be fluent in a language so fine as to include phrases such as "il momento di risistemare."


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