Monday, November 12, 2007

The Dance of Girl Electrons

Veterans Day passed quietly hereabouts, especially after the gaggle of girls that Lilly had visiting for her birthday party sleepover went home, mostly early Sunday morning. From early evening on Saturday until then, however, the house was a din of giggles and girltalk – some call it Venusian, but that would be rampant binary simplification based on gender roles, eh? Still, those were some giggly times. Pizza and cake eaten, gifts unwrapped with gusto, and juvenile videos mostly not watched, because of too much talking and giggling.

I think about six girls showed up for the event. I’m not sure. They were bouncing around like electrons. I couldn't be certain who was where at any given when. Call it a Heisenberg party, a subatomic bash, a particle soiree. But I know that everyone managed to return home at some point.

Actually, Saturday evening to Sunday morning was good timing for the party. Lilly and Ann now go to Japanese school on Saturday mornings, and so the party couldn’t be Friday evening to Saturday morning, as it was last year. At the moment Japanese school is the only non-school organized activity the kids do, so we aren’t in any danger of overscheduling the whelps. What a nuisance that would be. Not only that, misplaced thinking: more experiences = better experiences.

Since a number of the girls had activities early Sunday morning, they went to bed just before midnight. In fact everyone did, unlike last year, when they pushed it to 2 or later. The downside was that giggling and more girltalk woke me up -- wafting all the way upstairs at about 5:30.


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