Sunday, December 02, 2007


The National Weather Service promised us a winter storm for December 1, in time for meteorological winter, and the sky delivered. But not dramatically. A little snow, then more, then some sleet, or maybe it was just frozen rain, but not big winter winds. Ice formed on tree branches, but not the kind of knotty ice globes that attract newspaper photographers. Any ice on the branches brings power failure to mind, but the juice didn't quit, so a normal winter night passed in the comfort of central heating.

Last year, exactly on December 1, we got buried with snow very early in the morning -- enough to close the schools. This year's Saturday snow just annoyed shoppers, I figure. What Would Jesus Buy? I don't know, but on Saturday afternoon He would have been better off ordering on line.

Sunday was even less dramatic. Most of the snow and ice just sat there and melted. Then again, who wants dramatic weather? To put a twist on the alleged Chinese curse: may you live through interesting weather.

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