Sunday, December 09, 2007

O Tannenbaum '07

We were warned about ice from the sky coming on Saturday night and into Sunday morning, so on Saturday afternoon we went to the nearest Christmas tree lot and found a balsam tree to suit us. The fellow attending the lot said he'd grown them up in the Upper Peninsula, and that made my day. "I like the UP," I said. We got along well.

Lilly and Ann did about three-quarters of the decorating. Mostly I strung the lights and topped it off with the star. The star is my job till I take that final ambulance ride or, less dramatically, until we no long put up family Christmas trees.

By the miracle of digital photography, the following is an image of this Upper Peninsula tree whose fate has taken it to a living room near the southern shore of Lake Michigan. When Lilly took the picture, the tree was shaking vigorously and trying to get away. Must have been pinin' for the shores of Lake Superior.


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