Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Have Trunk, Will Travel

Speaking of movies, be warned about Bratz: The Movie. I need to pay attention to our Netflix queue more closely. It was made for little girls, so it went down smoothly with some of the residents of this house, and I will say that as live-action characters, the Bratz are rated G, at least during the moments when I could bring myself to be in the room with them.

G in this case also stands for God-awful. Exactly one thing made me smile, though. The ending credits tell us that the elephants in the movie -- not sure what use they made of elephants -- were provided by Have Trunk, Will Travel Inc.

It's but a Google search away, this entertainingly named company. Note that in the movie/TV appearances it claims for its elephants, Bratz isn't mentioned; but then again, it doesn't look like the list has been updated recently.

Even better, they will rent you an elephant for your wedding: "Imagine the groom carried high atop the elephant as friends and family dance around him. The elephants are beautifully decorated to fit any occasion and accustomed to taking part in Indian weddings."

Why should Indians be the only ones with elephants at their weddings? I'll have to suggest this to my nephew. It might not be too late for him to hire one for his wedding.


At 10:17 AM, Anonymous Sam said...

The Elephant idea has been vetoed, I fear, although there are going to be small children at the wedding and the last thing we need are nephew/niece patties as a result of a careless elephant.


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