Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Glögg

AD 2007 is as gone as the contents of the bottle of glögg that Ann and I polished off last night. Not to worry, it was non-alcoholic glögg, picked up on the cheap last week from Ikea. It was too sweet for anyone else in the house to like, and probably the old-time Swedes didn't use a microwave to heat it up.

I quote from the bottle: "Herrljunga Glögg should be shaken well and heated before serving. Ready to drink. Can be diluted with water, wine or vodka to obtain the desired taste and strength... Ingredients: Water, 76%, sugar. 21%, apple juice concentrate, 7.6%, cherry juice concentrate, 6.7%, non-alcoholic red wine, 1.4%..."

I suspect that it's is a toothless version of the popskull and juice concoction that generations of Swedes have used to take the edge off Endless Winter. How to get through that Scandinavian winter? Glögg, or suicide.


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