Thursday, January 03, 2008

Flashman of the Jungle?

One of the first things I learned this year was that Cartoon Network is airing a remake of George of the Jungle, a Flash animation version that doesn't remotely look right and, to judge by about 30 seconds, has none of the charms of the original. Looks like the writers' strike didn't come soon enough to prevent this pointless remake.

To balance that out, however, I also learned that the complete original George, all of 17 episodes -- along of course with Super Chicken and Tom Slick -- will be out on DVD shortly. Into the queue they will go.

For other diversions, it might be a good time to find the first Flashman book in the library and check it out, now that George MacDonald Fraser has died. I've heard of the series, but never read any of them.


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