Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Uses for Ceiling Fans

We have a ceiling fan, and I switched it on the other day, thinking it might circulate some warm air back downward. Almost immediately, my daughters had other ideas for the fan.

If you put small plush toys on one or more of the blades while the fan is still, and then turn it on, of course the toy will fly off, but you're not quite sure when and where to, until it does. Maybe that's the charm.

I cooperated with this entertainment a few times, putting the small bear or doll or Goofy up there, but naturally it didn't entertain me as much as it did them, and after two or three times, I was tired of it. So Lilly got a stool and managed the placement herself. I went to my office, next to the room with the fan. I heard: Click. Whooooooooosh. Thump! Thump! Hahahahahah. Click.


Some people worry that kids don't know how to entertain themselves any more. They worried about that when I was a kid, I think, and probably some time before that as well. Such people aren't paying attention.

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