Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Caricatures by Kevin: Order One Today

Got a comment yesterday from Kevin Middleton. Hello, Kevin. I see from the Site Meter that you wasted... that is, spent three-quarters of an hour at the site earlier today. Glad I could be part of your Internet mix.

For both of my other readers, I have to explain that I've known Kevin since junior high, back when the Internet was just two computers talking to each other at Camp Swampy, though for stretches of years between then and now, we were out of touch, and I don't think we've visited in person since sometime during the Reagan administration. But he isn't hard to find -- just as I'm not hard to find -- using the Internet.

Update on the white stuff: It's still out there, mostly, and the NWS says we may get more Thursday or Friday, before some of it melts over the weekend, and then refreezes after that. It's driving us to do strange, primitive rituals within our walls to hasten the return of spring:


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