Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Black Friday Birthday Party

The day after Thanksgiving has been stuck with the unfortunate label Black Friday, something I never heard until fairly recently, even though I've written about retail for a good many years. It certainly was an unfortunate day for the fellow who died by shopper stampede at a Long Island Wal-Mart; and for the two men who shot each other to death at a Palm Desert, Calif., Toys R Us. That latter incident got less attention, but in some ways was the stranger of the two. Imagine the conversation beforehand.

"C'mon, we're going to Toys R Us."

"OK, but be sure to pack some heat."

I didn't participate in any retail activity during the day, though Yuriko and Lilly did, including picking up the birthday cake that I'd ordered the week before.

Lilly actually turned 11 earlier in November, but wanted her party to begin on the day after Thanksgiving, and involve a sleepover until the next day. I wasn't sure anyone would come that day, but as it turned out, everyone she wanted to invite could come that day. Six girls in all, Lilly made seven, and Ann hung out with them as much as she could. It was loud most of the time, until very late, but no one was injured and no household items were destroyed, so I count it as a success.

At one point some of them were planning to carve an apple in the upstairs bathroom, which has the most mirrors of any room, at midnight. This is supposed to summon the image of a future husband in the mirror, or something like that. Apparently the idea has been kicking around for quite a while (see "Apple Paring.") But the girls missed the midnight deadline, and abandoned the idea.


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