Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chocolate Novelties

Much snow over the weekend, whitening everything in sight outside. For now things are quiet, but really cold air is predicted to blow a hole in this week. No doubt we'll get some leftover Canadian weather.

This evening, says, "A new storm, a classic Alberta Clipper, will race into the northern Plains overnight. A blizzard warning is posted for extreme northeast Montana, most of North Dakota, northern South Dakota and extreme western Minnesota. Blizzard watches extend southeastward into Iowa."

Montana, the Dakotas and Minnesota would hardly be worth their salt as states if they weren't targets for Alberta Clippers in January. Or maybe a few Saskatchewan Screamers, though I expect those would be a little too far east to affect Montana much.

I scanned these three chocolate pellets a little while ago. Then I ate them.

Somehow, personalized M&Ms had escaped my attention until Yuriko visited a friend of hers recently and brought some home. Her friend had a baby last fall, and memorialized the event through personalized M&Ms in four styles: image of the child, birth weight, birth date and name. Turns out you can have pretty much anything you want etched on the side of an M&M, and new baby names seem like a good choice, though if you name your kid after Hitler, maybe not his full name. (Yuriko's friend's daughter is not named after any dictators, living or dead.)


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