Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just Another Late Adopter

After a week on Facebook, I can see why middle-aged people have taken to it. Namely, it's too good for kids to monopolize. I've corresponded, briefly of course, with a handful of people I haven't heard from in years -- in one case, 30 years, since we both left high school.

Not that it's going to replace other forms of correspondence. Postcards, especially.

Still a little fuzzy on how parts of it work, but no hurry on figuring it out. I'm also a little fuzzy on people fretting about the privacy of the things they themselves post there. Or anywhere on line. The Internet is publishing. Meaning it's open to the public. Who wants to share embarrassing pics of themselves, anyway?

This is about as embarrassing as pictures get on this site.

I went to the Spam Museum, and I'm not ashamed to publish that fact.

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