Sunday, March 08, 2009

Coming Soon to a Toy Store Near You

Rain and more rain over the weekend, creating enormous puddles in places and encouraging the tips of crocuses to emerge from muddy stretches.

During one downpour, I found myself in a big box toy retailer, and discovered some brand hybrids I hadn't heard of before. Somehow, for instance, I missed Hello Kitty Barbie, even though she's been around a while. Maybe she'll be remembered as an artifact of the 2000s bubble economy. With any luck.

Then there's Operation SpongeBob SquarePants Skill Game. I never did play much Operation when I was a lad, so the sight of this version didn't inspire strong feelings one way or another. But it and that odd Barbie did get me thinking about other brand hybrids not on the market yet. Such as:

Jimmy Hoffa Clue.

Polly Pocket Pompeii Playset.

Barbie Titanic. Maybe that would have been more timely back when the movie was released, but in any case accessories would include flotsam and a frozen Ken.

LEGO Genghis Khan, or maybe LEGO Golden Horde. There's this, but I'm thinking more of pyramids of skulls made of Legos.

Hanna Montana Lizzie Borden Playset. Watch out, Billy Ray Cyrus.

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At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you see that they've completely changed Clue? it's no longer an english country house, it's a mcmansion.

today is barbie's 50th birthday, by the way, at least according to a report i just saw on CNN. and to commemorate it, there's now tattoo barbie. although demographically, 50 is a bit old for first ink. an informal survey of the six people who've inked me (one guy did two of mine), it's rare to even have someone in their 40s come in.

it really is time for a meteor to wipe us all out.


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