Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Quiet City

More rain yesterday night and into the morning. I opened a window just a little, to listen to the rhythms of the rain while falling asleep. Even better is rain on a weekend night, when you can drift off to rain with less concern about the day to come. Even working for myself, I find that I have a workweek, though it might be different if there were no one in the house getting up daily for school.

I interviewed a man whose office is in Mexico City today, and besides the business at hand, he said about the city: "It's very, very quiet. It's very unusual, just like holiday season, you know."

Which might have been something of a relief, though I only know what I've read about the congested capital of Mexico in more normal times. All in all, he was optimistic: "Every couple of hours, we have an update, and things are looking better than on the weekend."

Sounds reasonable to me. In any case, this is the perfect time not to watch U.S. cable TV news.

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