Monday, May 04, 2009

Put "Ax Murder" in the Head, Get Hits

Last Friday, one Rev. Patrick Driscoll posted a comment on the backup I maintain for this blog at Wordpress, cleverly known as BTST Backup (nothing new is posted there).

The backup, curiously enough, gets a respectable five to ten hits a day, with the very most popular entries being ones about Seaside, Fla., Teresa Jennings, and "Come to Wisconsin, See the Site of an Ax Murder in 1914." There's an SEO lesson in that for commercial bloggers: be sure to mention ax murders in your subject line.

Rev. Driscoll said this about a posting I originally made here on October 30, 2007, when I published pics of the Chicago Ave. bridge over the Chicago River: "My great-grandfather was Thomas Byrne of Byrne Brothers Dredge and Engineering. He also was the main contractor on the Chicago World's Fair of 1893 and was a significant part of the Chicago River reversal project. Thanks for posting these photos."

Cool. Thanks for letting me know, Rev. Driscoll.

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