Monday, December 21, 2009

Cap'n Christmas Ahoy!

We got a taste of the big snowstorm here in northern Illinois as it blustered its way east a few days ago, but it only left behind a new few inches of powder. Just enough to liven up the landscape in time for a white Solstice. You know, like in the lesser-known version of the Irving Berlin song.

The outdoor lights that I strung around one of the small bushes in the front yard look pretty under the snow on the branches. It's a modest way to light up the long, long winter nights. On the next block over from us, there's an inflatable Christmastime Homer Simpson to light up their nights. It's the only holiday inflatable worth having in your yard.

We have most of our indoor decorations up too, as well as other important reminders of Christmas in all its glory around the house. Such as:

I didn't buy this. For some reason, Yuriko did. I don't think she quite realizes that Cap'n Crunch is essentially sugar cubes over which to pour milk. Fond as I am of sugar, even I gave up eating them long ago. But I did laugh at the sight of "Christmas Crunch," and especially the modified Cap'n. I thought this seasonal variation was new, but no. It's been around for about 20 years.

Even funnier is this report about a court case involving
Can this be so? Or is it an Internet hoax?

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