Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Music Goes Round and Round

Tired of Christmas music already? It seems to be seeping out of the walls everywhere even a few weeks ahead of the day itself. With that in mind, here's something just as cheerful as holiday music pretends to be, or would be without constant overexposure: the Tommy Dorsey version of "The Music Goes Round and Round," featuring singer Edythe Wright.

Cheerful, but I also picked it because my sources tell me that it was recorded exactly 75 years ago, on December 9, 1935. Link for Facebook readers.

This is the slightly earlier original version by Eddy-Reilly and their Onyx Club Boys (the record says "Around and Around" in that case).

Or, if that's too old-timey, this is something more up-to-the-minute topical: Curtis Threadneedle's latest, on quantitative easing (or rather, Quantitative Easin').



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