Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Disunion is a excellent blog. Shows the kind of thing old media, the New York Times in this case, can do if it wants to. It follows -- if "follows" is the right word -- the events of 150 years ago, day by day, as the nation falls into disunion and then war. As of 150 years ago today, of course, disunion was in full swing, but war was still only a dreaded possibility.

Today's entry is particularly interesting, since it only indirectly deals with the situation in the United States. Rather, it discusses the emancipation of the serfs by Alexander II of Russia on March 3, 1861, the day before Lincoln took office on the other side of the world (February 19 O.S.).

But if your mood doesn't run toward such heavy reading at the moment, see this blog, which promises the dream of reading exactly as much as you want to, and no less.

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