Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday Short

The warmish days since Christmas seem to be ending, at least for now. Back to subfreezing. But no zeros or single-digit Fahrenheit temps predicted for the next week, so maybe we’ve passed the absolute pit of winter—usually late January—without falling in. Maybe.

Lilly has discovered the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen entertainment complex, in the form of New York Minute, which, if I’ve interpreted what I’ve skimmed about their career correctly, was the twins’ first theatrical release, as opposed to straight-to-video. After bombing at the box office, the firm slunk back to video. I watched as much as I could stand. It wasn’t bad, actually. I’ve seen plenty worse, and there’s plenty worse aimed at kids.

But the movie was so completely not for me that it was as if the television were a magnet, and I were a magnet, and we had opposite polarities, and it was constantly pushing, pushing, pushing me away. It didn’t take long before I gave way to its force.


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