Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lost Your Vim?

Incredibly windy here today, though toasty warm, so it wasn't unpleasant. On Saturday, I pitched the tents in the backyard with a mind toward airing them out, and they got a lot more air than I thought they would. But the tent stakes held, so nothing blew away.

One more image from Dallas, which I neglected to post last week, but which I like. Its a re-creation of a Dr. Pepper ad painted on the side of one of the buildings. Dr. Pepper promises vim, vigor, and vitality, and presumably other virtues of a lion. Lilly, dressed in black and pink, stands nearby, to give you a sense of scale (she's about a head shorter than an adult would be).

Interesting than sodas once promised such things -- a legacy of their roots as patent medicines, no doubt. These days, sports drinks do this kind of promising, though the word vim doesn't seem to come up much in advertising.


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