Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ohio, Mother of Presidents and Astronauts

This made my day: "Always musically inclined, Neil joined the school orchestra, boys' glee club, and band. Despite his small size, he played one of the largest instruments, the baritone horn, because he liked its distinctive tone... Neil even lent his baritone to a neighborhood ragtime combo... the Mississippi Moonshiners' one paying job was a two-night gig playing Spike Jones tunes at grange halls in nearby Uniopolis and St. John -- for five dollars to be split four ways."

The "Neil" in question is Neil Armstrong, since I'm reading First Man, subtitled "The Life of Neil Armstrong" by James R. Hansen (2005). Armstrong played baritone in high school, and I have to like that -- so did I. Years ago also getting a kick reading (I think in his obituary) that Hubert Humphrey did too. Offhand I can't think of any other famous people who did, but surely there must be more.

Also interesting to note: "For most of the history of the US space program, a greater number of astronauts have come from Ohio than any other state. Still today... Ohio ranks first in terms of astronauts per capita, with one native-born astronaut for every 662,000 people."



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