Tuesday, September 04, 2007

No Word Yet on the Spindle

This isn't news -- if you want news, go elsewhere -- but it may not be known much outside the Chicago area that the owner of the shopping center in Berwyn, Illinois, that's the home to the car sculpture "Spindle" wants to tear the sculpture down to facilitate a Walgreens development.

I'm hardly against retail development, but I've been to that shopping center, and there's nothing, absolutely nothing, to distinguish it from dozens of other Chicagoland retail properties, except the sculpture. Besides, I'd guess that there's enough space in the parking lot to develop a Walgreen's at some other spot besides right where the sculpture stands.

Come to think of it, there's little else to distinguish Berwyn from the surrounding suburbs, except the "car kebob." Destroying it would be an act of philistines, besides bad business judgment -- I'd wager the thing brings in people who would otherwise not stop. Me, for instance. More on the subject is here and here.


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