Monday, October 29, 2007

The Legacy of the Ketler Elliott Erection Co.

It isn't often enough that I can indulge my interest in plaques, but business took me to the near North Side of Chicago today, and at one point I found myself on the Chicago Ave. bridge, a bascule structure. This plaque is attached to it -- telling me that the centennial of the bridge is coming up, among other things.

For fun -- my idea of fun -- I ran the Ketler Elliott Erection Co. through Google. Just a couple of historical references. If I really wanted information, I suspect I'd have to go to the Chicago History Museum or the Tribune morgue. The same goes for the Byrne Brothers Dredging and Engineering Co.

This is a view of the bridge, looking west. That's Chicago, regardless of how many trees Mayor Daley plants: steel, concrete.


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