Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Preschool Halloween Parade

Had a camera handy at the Halloween event at Ann's preschool, which was actually on the 30th, since there are no classes on Wednesdays. I'm posting this pic to show the range of costumes, rather than the kids' faces. This may be an obscure blog, but it still counts as publishing, and I don't want to publish images of people, children especially, without permission. Once, when I had to publish a picture of a Santa Claus with a kid on his lap, rather than go through the trouble of getting a parent to sign a release, I took a pic of Lilly (then 13 months old) with Santa, and used that.

The kids had a "parade" through "Safety Town," which is one of those places where junior bicyclists are supposed to learn the Rules of the Road. It was a clear, sunny day, about 60 F., so not bad for walking around in your costume. Many of the girls were princesses of one kind or another, while many of the boys were superheroes -- in this pic, Spiderman and Superman as easy to pick out. The girl with the pointy hat is Ann. She's a witch. It seems that I'm encouraging Wicca in my preschooler. Behind her was a pint-sized Darth Vader, though at that moment he'd taken his mask of. He hadn't, that I could hear, learned to make those menacing breath noises yet.

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