Sunday, November 04, 2007

Got the TB Sanitarium District Blues

Took a detailed look at my latest property tax statement the other day, just for... not grins, exactly, taxation never inspires grins, but to see what's odd. My favorite is the $2.80 I spent this year to support the Suburban TB Sanitarium District. Of course, TB hasn't vanished, not even from Cook County, but the wisdom of maintaining a TB district with taxing powers seems more applicable to the early 1900s rather than the early 2000s.

Curiously, the Village of Schaumburg gets $0, while the Town of Schaumburg gets $44.86. I thought Schaumburg was incorporated as a village, not a town, but then again I'm fuzzy on the difference between the two in Illinois. All I know is that when I pay the water bill, the check goes to the Village, not the Town.

The Cook County Forest Preserve District gets $31.96, which means that I'll have to take more walks in the woods, to get my money's worth. Mosquito abatement cost me $5.05, which might be a bargain, except that the abatement efforts seem to have stopped before mosquito production did late this summer.


At 9:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TB may not have vanished, but the Suburban Cook County Tuberculosis Sanitarium District has, as of July 25, 2007. See


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