Monday, December 17, 2007

Looking for French Bubble Gum Dank in the Republic of Connecticut

Occasionally I check Site Meter to see where hits are coming from and, more entertainingly, what kind of Google searches take people here, usually on a their one-time visits. Recently, for instance, someone at the Texas Department of Assistive & Rehabilitative googled " 'republic of Connecticut' Vermont" and found my January 2006 archive. Republic of Connecticut?

Someone else was looking for "famous house in the bronx decorated for Christmas." An AOL search, and why did it point to me? Maybe because I've mentioned Christmas decorations lately, and mentioned Disney rodent characters with Bronx accents. The ways of search engines are mysterious.

A resident of Amsterdam -- or at least a computer user there -- googled "Been There, Seen It All" and got me. But that's one thing I'd never claim, seeing it all. No mere mortal sees it all.

A Houstonian was looking for " 'bubble gum' 'made in France' " and at least glanced at my entry, long ago, about a French Wrigley brand (le chewing gum). No doubt he had his reasons for investigating French bubble gum; we've all done odd little searches. But someone else, at Northern Arizona University, looked for "berry bubblegum dank" and also got BTST3. What's going on here?


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