Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Afterimages

What happens to Santa's reindeer when they retire? Santa, it seems, is immortal, but I doubt that his animal companions have that trait. New ones -- taking the same names as their predecessors -- are trained and join the crew periodically. Here's what happens to the older ones:

Well, actually, that can has long been empty. It's a souvenir of our visit to Finland in 1994. Reindeer are pretty tasty on crackers.

Next, this is our Nativity scene, which is on a corner of the dinner table. Note the hamutaro. They are playing the mice at the First Christmas. Tradition has neglected rodents at the scene, but it was a stable, after all.


At 3:44 AM, Anonymous e said...

okay, you and i have known each other, what, 17 years or so now? and you've been keeping an empty can of reindeer sausage for nearly all that time? moved it from house to house, across the ocean?

i am so going to make fun of you in an article at some point.

while i was living in skagway, a friend came to visit, and she quickly became addicted to reindeer hot dogs. but i don't think it ever occurred to her to save the wrapper.


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