Monday, May 19, 2008

Under Construction

Though I didn't take my camera on my walkabout in Toronto, I did take it on the green tech bus tour the next day, and got some shots of the Toronto skyline that few visitors are going to see. But note the CN Tower, which is a constant in the skyline, regardless of the foreground.

And a closer shot of the skyline.

Not to disparage Toronto. These are actually views of a construction site near downtown, part of a large redevelopment that someday will feature a large amount residential and commercial property near Lake Ontario. The marvel is that it's taken so long for something to happen on the site.

The redevelopment also includes a new zeppelin shed, now under construction.

Well, I made that up. I've forgotten what this is. But I like the idea of Toronto becoming the new zeppelin mecca of North America.


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