Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Snow Dalek

We were promised more snow this morning, but somehow the front was delayed -- Wisconsin blocked it, maybe -- and nothing started falling until mid-afternoon, and even then it wasn't a vast amount. There was still snow on the ground from Monday, though some of it had melted. But it was enough for us (Ann and I) to have a walking snowball fight as she came home from kindergarten this morning.

"Fight" is too strong a word for it. I made some big snowballs, but always missed her on purpose. She made her own snowballs, but had to stand right next to me to hit me with elements of her snow arsenal.

We also spent some time in the back yard working on a snowman. My snowmen almost never resemble the rounded, three-tiered figures of winter illustrations, and this was no exception. It was more like a snow Dalek, at least in shape. I capped it off with a red toy bucket to add to that robotic feel.


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