Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nature Walk in a Subdivision

Winter persists, but loosened its grip a little today. It wasn't warm today, but it also wasn't so cold I couldn't take a half-hour walk around the neighborhood this morning. There's still some ice in the rivulet that runs a quarter-mile or so from my house, but there were also some ducks swimming in it, poking around for food. What could that be at this time of year?

Saw an enormous ragged V of geese overhead at one point. With a much smaller v flying inside the larger V. Maybe it was a splinter faction, unwilling to follow the major V lead bird, but also wanting to fly in more or less the same direction. Or not. The internal politics of birds is pretty much beyond the ken of men.

Rain is slated for tomorrow to get rid of the rest of the snow. For aficionados of mud, there are glory days ahead.

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