Thursday, March 03, 2011

It's Not For Girls

No croci yet, but I heard a woodpecker this morning drilling into wood. For insect eggs? I couldn't say for sure, but it's still too early even for larval insects. Maybe woodpeckers need to get into practice before the spring drilling season.

Speaking of edibles, not long ago I discovered that a major retailer around here carries Yorkie bars. I'd never seen them for sale in the United States, so it was my impulse buy for that morning. This particular store has an international aisle with mostly the usual -- "Polish Foods," "Mexican Foods," etc. -- but also "British Foods." That was odd enough for me to look at the selections, and there it was.

Note the slogan right there on the package, It's Not For Girls (emphasis not added by me). Predictably, that upsets some literal-minded people, but I have a feeling it doesn't really discourage any girls from buying Yorkies in Britain or anywhere else. Lilly tried some, at her insistence, and seemed to like it. The UK adverts seem to have fun with it as well, such as this one, which I've linked to before.

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