Thursday, March 08, 2012

Bowling for Soup

Got a new client, so these have been busy days. I'm also going out for events now a bit more than I used to, which mostly counts as a good thing. Because sometimes I stumble across items like the following.

I went to a small expo last week and saw several structures like the one above. They were in the atrium just outside the meeting space. My notes fail me on what this particular item was supposed to represent, but as the picture shows, it's built out of canned goods, mostly ravioli and pork 'n' beans. It was built to raise money for the Northern Illinois Food Bank. You "voted" for the nonfresh food structure you liked best by putting at least a dollar in the collection box near it.

Not quite all the structures were built of cans. The one above, for instance, was called "Bowling for Soup." The lane is made of spaghetti boxes and the pins are bottled water, with only a few cans of soup holding up the boxes of Saltines. I liked this one best, so it got my dollar.

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