Thursday, May 24, 2012

Early Summer Interlude

Time for a break. Back posting again June 10, more or less. This year, everything from around Memorial Day to around my birthday gets to be my own string of holidays. That doesn't mean I won't be working much of the time, though occasional days of indolence might be possible. Or I might see a few things worth describing later. I can only hope.

Or I might try something new. I already did that yesterday when I sent a text message. I've written millions of words of text in my life (a few years ago, I estimated 250,000 a year, both for-pay and not), but none to feed into a phone. Some e-mail messages are so short they might as well be text message, but strictly speaking, they don't count.

Lilly has taken to sending me text messages occasionally, which I see about half of the time. Usually along the lines of "I'm here, doing this." If I want to answer, I call her. But yesterday, on a whim, I followed the directions to answer via text. My answer: OK.

My attitude is still indifference when it comes to this kind of communication. It's a generational attitude, of course, but I don't mind being on the non-youthful side of this one.

Cole Porter's birthday is coming up in early June, which is a good reason for posting this version of "You're the Top," with Porter singing the song himself. Sure, there are more polished versions, but I like this one.

Also, annotated lyrics, including some not in the version above. I have to say I didn't know what a Bendel bonnet was either. It might have been the top once, but sic transit gloria mundi. I also have to say I've never had a strong urge to read Ulysses in time for Bloomsday, which is also coming up.

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