Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eventful Early June

For me, work consumed a lot of the last day of May 2012, a Thursday. It was just as well that the day felt like the last day of March. It was cold and rainy. The week before was warm and, mostly, so was the week after. But May 31 was Winter's own reminder that he'll be back soon enough. It takes more than climate change to flummox the old man. Lilly and Ann came home from one of their last days of the year and, so quietly I hardly noticed, sacked out in the living room, Lilly on the couch, Ann on a sleeping bag next to the couch. It isn't something I see too often.

On June 2, I drove with Lilly to Woodstock, Ill., where we saw Al Stewart in concert at the Woodstock Opera House. We also had time to wander around Woodstock town square, and found the plaque commemorating a moment in Groundhod Day when Bill Murray stepped in a cold puddle.

On June 4, Lilly "graduated" from 8th grade. Had a ceremony not too different from a high school or college graduation, which we attended. It brought back fond memories of my "graduation" from 8th grade. The bell rang, and that was that.

The very next day, though I had a mountain of work to deal with, I joined my family and three of Lilly's friends in an excursion to the grounds of the Adler Planetarium on the shores of Lake Michigan. From there we saw the Transit of Venus.

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