Thursday, April 26, 2007

Serve and Enjoy!

Been a busy week, but I pushed a couple of large items out the door, and had them replaced by other assignments, so the flow is flowing. That's all we in the self-employed world can ask for.

That, and the opportunity to sit out on the deck drinking tea during those early afternoon breaks. This week has been no good for that, cool and rainy as it was. The grass has grown so lush, in fact, that there's no evidence that I mowed the lawn for the first time of the year last weekend. Saturday and Sunday promise warmer, clearer weather. Likely we'll end up at the Brookfield Zoo, as we've become members again.

Yuriko brought home another marvel of food marketing from Costco this week, the Okami "Chinese Style" Chicken Salad Kit, in a hemispheroid clear plastic container. "Makes 2 Family-Size Salads," the label says, and you don't know how glad I am to see that hyphen, though I would have written "two family-sized." Okami is a California company that specializes in sushi, but it looks like its branching out.

"For each salad, add 10 oz. chopped iceberg lettuce & one packet of each component (included in this kit): • Seasoned & fully-cooked chicken • Crispy noodles • Sliced, toasted almonds • Okami (TM) Asian dressing. Mix right in this bowl - Serve and Enjoy!"

And it is good. Instead of iceberg lettuce, we used a greens mix, also available at the behemoth Costco in plastic packaging. Having spent a major part of the week thinking and writing about sustainable, or green, building design, I had to wonder about whether this kind of packaging, which is at heart only a convenience, is going to fall out of favor. Lilly and Ann may someday marvel that such a thing was ever on the market.


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