Thursday, December 04, 2008

Jethro Bodine Cold

No new snow today, plenty of sun in fact, but cold. Mindless cold. Stupid cold, Jethro Bodine cold. A February sort of day. To think, only a month ago, election night in fact, was during a period of Indian summer, so the celebrants in Grant Park didn't have to huddle around cans of Sterno to stay warm.

Good thing there isn't going to be a rally when the Electoral College votes -- the Monday after the second Wednesday in December, which is December 15 this time around. Or when Congress certifies the electoral votes in early January. These would be bad times for a mass rally near Lake Michigan.

On the way home from Kohler, Wisconsin, in October, I visited the Basilica of Holy Hill, which isn't far northwest of Milwaukee, but still far enough to be in a rural setting. On a hill, unsurprisingly. A fine church in a fine scenic setting, particularly in October.

As I was leaving, I passed by the grotto on the side of the hill, which of course includes Mary, who greets the faithful. Hooligans and other vandalism-minded miscreants, on the other hand, are greeted by a sign that says NOTICE ALL ACTIVITIES MONITORED BY VIDEO CAMERA. The Lord watches over us, but just in case, we have closed-circuit TV.


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