Sunday, January 28, 2007

Superman, the Methodist

We're in the pit of winter now. The bleak, colorless, nails-on-chalkboard time of year that is late January and early February in the North.

While researching Dead Presidents Daily -- which I must remind everyone to read -- I come across not only crackpot sites (mentioned here yesterday), but also all sorts of bone fide information organized in remarkable ways. In looking into the matter of Associate Justice Louis Brandeis, the first Jewish member of the US Supreme Court, I came across a web site detailing the religious affiliation of all the justices over the years -- and a lot else besides.

Such as this sub-page. A fine way to waste time. I had no idea that Superman (presumably Clark Kent) belonged to any organized religion, much less was a Methodist. "Although possibly not 'canonical' (i.e., officially established within the DC Universe)," the site says, "this notion has widespread support; many writers and fans believe this denominational affiliation best captures and explains the character as he has been portrayed over the years."

I was equally surprised to learn that Captain Canuck is a Mormon.


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